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Is Your Business Ready for the Upcoming Cold and Flu Season?

Cold and flu season is just right around the corner. Is your business, office, or restaurant ready? There are a variety of different ways cold and flu virus can be spread around your business environment by your employees and guests. All it takes is for someone to cough or sneeze into their hands and then […]

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Is Your Office Making Your Employees Sick?

You may have heard of situations where an office building is making its employees sick due to various reasons, such as mold, mildew, or dust mites. Some employers might think the reason their employees are exhibiting symptoms of the common cold or influenza is because there is a bug going around the office. However, many […]

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Get Professional Help Keeping Your Business Clean in the Winter

Keeping your office clean in the winter can be challenging without professional help from an experienced Toronto cleaning service. Ice, snow, sleet, water, salt, and dirt all get tracked into your business. Before you know it, tiled floors have white discolourations from the dried salt in melting snow and water that dries. Snow gets tracked […]

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