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How to Clean Carpet Stains: 7 Cleaning Methods That Work

No matter how careful you are, carpets are bound to get stains at one time or another. Stains are particularly noticeable in an office environment, often making your workplace look dirtier than it is. Since office carpeting is not a cheap undertaking, you should make every effort to keep them properly maintained and free of […]

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8 Best Cleaning Supplies for New Offices

Have you recently gotten yourself a new office to work in? If so, you will be quite busy between moving your office furniture and organizing your belongings. However, you should also find the time to ensure your working space is as clean as possible. Even though your office may appear brand new, there could be […]

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9 Easy Steps to Establish an Office Cleaning Policy

Your office is like a second home, so you should be diligent in creating and fostering a clean working environment. A neat and tidy office allows you to concentrate more on your work, while generating less stress and greater productivity among all the employees. A clean office environment requires the joint effort and contributions of […]

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