Get Professional Help Keeping Your Business Clean in the Winter

Keeping your office clean in the winter can be challenging without professional help from an experienced Toronto cleaning service. Ice, snow, sleet, water, salt, and dirt all get tracked into your business. Before you know it, tiled floors have white discolourations from the dried salt in melting snow and water that dries. Snow gets tracked into work areas and around desks, also causing discolourations to carpeting. In order to protect your office from the winter elements and keep it clean and pristine, there are several things you can do. First, make sure you are using high quality entrance mats on tiled floors throughout your building. Besides you main entrance used by customers and visitors, do not overlook delivery areas and employee entrances. Mats help collect snow, water, salt, and dirt and reduce the amount being tracked into your work and office areas. Your Toronto professional cleaning service can clean entrance mats nightly by vacuuming them or replacing them with dry mats. Additionally, they will roll up the mats and vacuum or mop the floors underneath to ensure the carpeting or flooring is kept clean, too. This way, your mats and the surround floors are always clean and presentable every day throughout the winter months. To help maintain the appearance of carpeting, have your cleaning service steam clean carpets at least once a month throughout the wintertime. Steam cleaning helps draw out trapped salt and dirt and restores it appearance and colour. Regular steam also helps remove stains and reduces the likelihood of having to replace the carpeting, come spring, because it is badly discoloured from wintertime floor traffic. Another thing you can do, which is highly recommended, is to create specific areas, near entryways, within your office or retail space for employees to store wet boots, coats, and umbrellas. You could install lockers or put up boot and coat racks for your employees to use. For restaurants and retail businesses, offer plastic umbrella bags for customers to put their wet umbrellas in to keep the water off of your floors. You might also want to offer a complimentary coat check service. In addition, most retail and office heating systems lack any form of humidity, so the air is dryer, creating more dust. Dust accumulations appear faster on desks, office furniture, equipment, windows ledges, product displays, shelving, and other places. Fortunately, you do not have to worry about dusting by having your cleaning company in Toronto increase the number of times they dust. Just as your main entry area creates a first impression for visitors and customers, so does the exterior areas of your building. During the winter months it is equally important to make sure walkways are kept free of snow and ice, as well as keep up on grounds maintenance to avoid creating a negative impression and potential slip, trip, and fall hazards. Ask your cleaning professionals about exterior maintenance services and what they can do to help. To learn more about customizable cleaning services for your office, retail store, or restaurant, contact Focus Cleaning today at 416-283-2561. We are a full service Toronto-based cleaning company serving the needs of businesses all throughout the Greater Toronto Area. We offer a wide range of cleaning, exterior maintenance, handyman, painting, and emergency services to help keep your building looking great.

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