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6 Tasks in a Bathroom Cleaning Checklist for Restaurants

In any restaurant, it is crucial to maintain the hygiene of the facilities. This includes the kitchen, the dining area, and particularly the bathroom. Since the bathroom is frequented by many customers and staff members, this is one area of the restaurant that accumulates a variety of germs. A dirty bathroom is off-putting for restaurant […]

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How to Clean a Warehouse Floor: 7 Cleaning Tips

Warehouses are busy areas that accumulate plenty of dirt as workers go about their duties. When the warehouse floor becomes too dirty, it can create potential safety hazards. An employee may trip over the debris or slip and fall over the spilt liquids. Keeping the floors clean helps to ensure a safe working environment at […]

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Medical Practice Cleaning Checklist: 7 Best Hygiene Tips

Medical practices provide patients with a comfortable and safe place to receive treatment. As the patients check in and out of the healthcare facility every day, they leave behind enormous amounts of viruses, germs, and bacteria. If left unattended, the unhygienic conditions may lead to further sicknesses, diseases and severe infections. Cleaning the medical practice […]

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