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6 Routine Tasks for Post Construction Cleaning

There is immense relief at the end of every construction project, whether it is a new venue, a renovated building, or just a tiny expansion to your office. You finally finished the long-awaited construction, and almost everything has been completed to perfection. The only issue is cleaning up the rubbles and rubbish left behind by […]

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Hotel Cleaning Checklist: 6 Steps to Clean a Hotel Room

If there is one thing that riles hotel guests, it’s a dirty, unkempt hotel room. Everyone loves a beautiful, spotlessly clean place to spend the night or day. No matter how beautiful the lobby is or how impeccable your customer service is, cleanliness remains a top priority. If the rooms are not kept tidy, it […]

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6 Best Ways to Wash Windows Like a Professional

For many businesses, cleaning the windows may not be the most exciting task in your day-to-day checklist. However, it’s still an important task that needs to be done on a regular basis. With a little effort, the right tools, and effective cleaning formula, your windows could be looking spotless within a couple of hours. Washing […]

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